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Trade Capital (TC) is a licensed lending institution that promotes a variety of personal and business credit building "tools." Based upon their advertising on their website (in which I have in JPEG format upon request), if I signed up for their Deposit Loan Program, they claimed to report the account to Experian and Transunion.They never did.

I contacted TC, who proceeded to tell me I had to sign up with a different company (Virgin Money) and they would report the account. I signed up with Virgin Money, and again, no reporting ever happened. I then requested a refund and they refused. I then threatened to file a complaint, and was threatened in the following way by the CEO, Jonathan Warren: "I assure you that your threats are taken very seriously.

Your specific, stated intent is to disrupt or sabotage our business operations. Such actions taken by you or others on your bahalf would likely constitute Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations, abuse of process and more." If this is supposed to be some sort of implied threat, it won't work on me. TC is falsely advertising credit bureau reporting with its' "Standard" Deposit Loan Program. Their conduct has been highly unethical and unprofessional.

My advice: Do not do business with this company and avoid Jonathan Warren.

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SCAM SCAM SCAM Jonathan scarren is a scam artist, he took $10,000 from me and refused to give back. I hope the federal authorites get him






It appears that Trade Capital Company, ran by Jonathan Warren and Monica Jones, is OUT OF BUSINESS. Their website is gone. Their phone numbers are disconnected. Mr. Warrens cell phone is not taking calls. Their mail is being returned as "unknown." That seems to indicate that they have closed up shop.

If true, then that speaks VOLUMES.

If anyone has been "smeared" here, it's those of us who had the gumption of trying to protect consumers by alerting them to the unethical conduct of this company.

If they are in fact gone for good, then my condolences to those who may have lost thousands, if not TENS of thousands of dollars on the tail end of their operations.


The last commentator is full of ***. Any company that can't avoid the very appearance of impropriety is ***.


The main key here is separating emotions from facts. Trade Capital Company (TCC) has (or had) credit bureau reporting issues/problems. Jonathan Warren (and "Sandy," who appears to be employed by TCC, if that's her real name) will not publicly address them. Instead, they claim that clients are not "paying their bills." TCC is trying to change to subject. This entire situation could have been prevented had Mr. Warren done business in a more professional and ethical manner. He has not once personally responded, or apologized. Instead, he has threatened people. For Mr. Schaal, he retaliated.

It appears Mr. Warren violated federal law by knowingly reporting false information to Mr. Schaal's credit report through subscriber "Commercial Lenders," which appears to be a dummy corporation. I am a witness to Mr. Schaal's documents and his case.

Is it any wonder why Mr. Warren and Trade Capital Company is (or was) having trouble reporting to the major credit bureaus with this type of track-record of activity?

I certainly would avoid any business activity with Trade Capital Company and Jonathan Warren. Any pending legal action will not be discussed in this forum.

Good day, and do your due diligence.


Jonathan Warren:

Are you going to offer a public apology (or even a response) for your actions?

We are waiting.


trade capital did report to the one credit reporting agency but now i don't get my statements. this whole thing is weird.


It appears that based on my internet complaint against TC and Jonathan Warren, my former DLP account for $25k (timely paid and closed) was sold or assigned to a company called Commercial Lenders out of Las Vegas. The account was reinserted on my credit report to show a 120-days late, which was inaccurate.

Retaliation? I believe so.

Anyone who knowingly, and willfully reports inaccurate information to a credit bureau is breaking federal law.


Trade Capital seems to be spreading disinformation on the internet with anyone who is not satisfied with their "programs." They have a very good and sophisticated business structure, but the moral character of their corporate management appears to be lacking. It looks like excuses, attacks, and threats are used in an inappropriate manner. That's all I have to say.

Lipan, Texas, United States #30871

Personal attacks only show your character; not mine.That's a common tactic people use to misdirect the real issues going on.

This keeps looking worse and worse for Mr.

Warren.Any intelligent person can see through that.

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