I saw what you wrote and i got mad.I knew it was to good to be true.

I dicided not to pay one single payment more to Trade Capital after almost a year. Now they want the money back but I need it to stay in my account, & I just found out they put me down as over 30 days late on my credit, even though I paid them all the other payments!! What do I do now to keep my deposit and my credit?

I called jonathan Warren at the number you gave but he said he could not help me unless i give back the money.

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All you people defending this dirty company are working for it... And will rot in *** for your unethical lies!!!


Are you saying you got the 25k DLP, and made no payments?If so, that's breach of contract on your part.

If you paid for a year (and then stopped), the note is only for 12 months (last time I checked.) That means your term is up.

Fill out the counter-check and zero the account.Am I missing something???


File a complaint with the attorney general of your state and call the FTC first thing and file a complaint explain the situation, if you have be cohorts into paying a debt that isn't yours or that they have altered in anyway you can file a law suit against them.

If they are the original creditor and you do owe them the money pay them.If they are a 3rd party collector, check with the IRS to see if the original creditor wrote it off as bad debt if he did the IRS gave him a credit and you do not have to pay.

Also there is a SOL it is 4 to 10 years depending on the state most are 4 to 6 years and they can not collect on that debt.Go to the NACA website they will give you a free attorney and figure out your rights.

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Dude, pay your bills and get over yourself.

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