I read all this arguing, then tried it myself for $25000.

Sorry Morgan, but you are outta line. My loan got reported in the first month to TU and Innovis. After 52 days it got picked up by Experian. I averaged the score boost, and it is 82 points. Kinda thought it would be like that, because it was recommended by some pretty good credit guys, and they showed me another report with it on there. I never even talked to Warren, got some other guy, but it was almost all online and fax anyways.

You might want to check to see if the bureaus screwed yours up. Mine's for real. You may need to get a letter to them to make sure they got the right info in your file. Sometimes they get a jacked up social or something, and it keeps your stuff from showing up.

If you need some help with credit bureaus i might be able to get the correction done for you.


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It appears that Trade Capital Company, ran by Jonathan Warren and Monica Jones, is OUT OF BUSINESS. Their website is gone. Their phone numbers are disconnected. Mr. Warrens cell phone is not taking calls. Their mail is being returned as "unknown." That seems to indicate that they have closed up shop.

If true, then that speaks VOLUMES.

If anyone has been "smeared" here, it's those of us who had the gumption of trying to protect consumers by alerting them to the unethical conduct of this company.

If they are in fact gone for good, then my condolences to those who may have lost thousands, if not TENS of thousands of dollars on the tail end of their operations.


I agree Deb you are just a fake.



Email me a scanned copy of your credit scores (and reports showing TC's $25k DLP) before and after to prove your claim of an 82 (average) point increase.

Upon receipt, I will confirm on this forum/thread IF what you are saying is true and documented.

Show us the goods! I'll post them for all to see so others can make up their own minds.

If you fail to show this within 90 days, your story will be deemed a complete fraud.


morganhillultd at gmail.com

Current date: 5/3/09

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